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About Us

All girls are great at math


 Our Program

SKATE for Girls empowers young girls by giving them courage through figure skating to enable academic success. Our mission is to increase students' love of and interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. We provide a community where students have the tools to succeed in an environment full of encouraging and supportive female peers and mentors. 


Our Vision

At SKATE for Girls, we strive to provide a program that will foster students' skating and math skills. We envision a world of confident and passionate women, where there is no longer a gender gap in STEM. 

Meet the Team

In The Press


“I want to be able to see my students prosper to that level in math and really enjoy it and see them improve their confidence and say I can do math too.”


"They can do math and they can skate too -- so others, like her, can find their place through their passions."


"'Being able to provide this experience at such a young age can show girls that they can learn math, and they can learn skating—they can learn whatever they put their mind to — and I think that’s something huge.'"


"“I’m here to say that girls can do math, girls can do whatever they put their minds to.” 


“'A huge part of SKATE for Girls is being able to inspire young women and improve their confidence throughout the program.'” 


"The Solving Kinesthetically and Transforming Education (SKATE) for Girls program combines math and ice skating to introduce students to STEM."


“'Even when the skating got hard and I was afraid, or even for math, when I got an answer wrong, I wouldn’t let that disappointment let me give up,' said Kanji, 12. 'I still would never give up, no matter what happened.'”

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