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Our Impact

At the beginning and end of each program, we assess students' math skills to ensure our program is effective. A math diagnostic is given at the end and beginning of every session.


Average Improvement in Math Scores


Average Rating of Our Program from Students (1-unsatisfactory and 10-excellent)
of students and parents would recommend the SKATE for Girls program to a friend
average increase in students 'comfort about participating in math class after SKATE for Girls
average increase in students' excitement about math after SKATE for Girls
of parents would rate the SKATE for Girls program a 5
on a scale of 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (excellent)
Students report their takeaways from the SKATE for Girls program are:

-Confidence in math-

-Practice makes progress-

-figure skating skills-

Milena, 2023 SKATE for Girls Student

"This program allows students to socialize with kids who are of different ages, and in turn opens opportunities for friendships. You are able to receive assistance in math, with concepts you may have previously struggled with. Over the course of six weeks, I have personally rediscovered my love and appreciation for skating."

Anaya, 2023 SKATE for Girls Student

"SKATE for Girls is a great program to meet other girls your same age and to experience new thing out of your comfort zone. This program is phenomenal!"

Salima, 2023 SKATE for Girls Parent

“SKATE for Girls was a great interactive program that not only worked on building Math and Skating skills, but also worked on giving each girl’s self confidence and self esteem."

Melissa, 2023 SKATE for Girls Parent

“My daughter always looked forward to her session on Sundays and would walk out with a huge smile on her face as well as more confident with each session. Thank you for empowering my girl. ”


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